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Roy Simon's role at MSU unclear following Lou Anna K. Simon's resignation

January 26, 2018

Former MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon’s resignation is uncharted territory for the university. While investigations continue to reveal what Simon knew and when, more questions remain regarding her husband, Roy Simon’s, role at MSU.

Roy Simon is currently the senior advisor to the executive vice president for Administrative Services, but he’s also worked in Telecommunications, Transportation and Landscape Services as well as Infrastructure, Planning and Facilities. 

It's unclear what Roy Simon's role at MSU will look like following Lou Anna K. Simon's resignation.

Roy Simon was appointed to his current position in February 2017, and his job responsibilities as listed in the memorandum on his appointment status are vague.

Roy Simon is to “assist with the evaluation of planned outcomes of projects,” “provide objective advice and expertise” and “assist with identifying projects that would streamline processes and operations.”

As of April 2014, Roy Simon's salary sat at $158,000 on an annual basis. In addition to his regular salary, Roy Simon was given an annual car allowance of $7,250. Since it was awarded, $29,000 of the car allowance was scheduled to be distributed.

As the spouse of the president, Roy Simon had certain rights and responsibilities associated with his position, including the ability to work from home and an authorization to utilize a university car and driver. 

It is unclear how these authorizations were codified into his contract, though MSU spokesperson Jason Cody says that in an email, while the university has no plans to reevaluate Roy Simon’s contract, any privileges he had as spouse of the president will cease.

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