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MSU student wins college 'Wheel of Fortune'

November 6, 2016
<p>Courtesy of&nbsp;Amber Applewhite</p>

Courtesy of Amber Applewhite

Photo by Carol Kaelson/Photographer | and Carol Kaelson/Photographer The State News

On Nov. 1, in a College Week episode of “Wheel of Fortune,” Applewhite represented MSU and walked away victorious, winning a trip to Barbados and a cash prize.

“I didn’t know that I was going to audition for ‘Wheel of Fortune’ until after I came back from my study abroad trip in Santander, Spain,” Applewhite said. “As soon as I arrived back in Grand Rapids, my mother told me I had my audition for ‘Wheel of Fortune’ three days later.”

Applewhite didn’t know her mother had sent in her photo and information to the show, so it came as a surprise when the studio invited her to audition.

“I was really shocked and anxious about it,” Applewhite said.

Applewhite auditioned with many other students at the Westin Book Cadillac Detroit, a hotel in Detroit.

She was chosen to be on the show.

The show was filmed just a few days into the fall semester. The episode aired on Nov. 1, which showed Applewhite’s win.

“Playing on the show is not like it is at home,” Applewhite said. “At home, answering the puzzles comes out easier and you’re against yourself.”

There was a lot of pressure, but the experience was thrilling, Applewhite said.

Since it was College Week, Applewhite never forgot she was a Spartan.

“I knew I would be representing the whole school and I was proud of that,” Applewhite said.

Other students and “Wheel of Fortune” staff enjoyed playing up school rivalries. A producer, who was a graduate of Notre Dame, teased Applewhite about the then-upcoming MSU-Notre Dame football game.

“One girl from Yale even told me that she hated our mascot because she was jealous,” Applewhite said. “I felt the obligation to really walk away with the win.”

For now, Applewhite’s life is back to normal at MSU — but she hasn’t ruled out the possibility of returning to game shows.

“If any opportunity like this was to present itself again, I would take it,” Applewhite said.


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