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Students think MSU could make voting process easier

February 11, 2016

With the presidential primaries right around the corner and the elections coming up at the end of the year, voting has been on many students’ minds.

However, some students find the voter registration process confusing or too inconvenient. Many students might not be aware what the elections are for.

Biomedical laboratory science senior Rachel Kosticak said students at MSU don’t vote as much as they should because the university doesn’t do a good job of explaining how to register.

“I don’t really know the process of registering or voting,” Kosticak said. “I think that such important information should be widely available to the students.”

Kosticak also said she wishes MSU would make it easier for students to be able to vote.

“During my freshman year, my boyfriend was able to vote in Akers, but I had to walk a long way off campus to a church in order to vote,” Kosticak said.

James Madison College freshman GlenEllen Lehmberg said she thinks whether or not a student knows how to register and vote depends on where they grew up.

“Because of the different backgrounds that people come from at MSU, I think the government and the university should make Facebook pages and publicize how to register more to the students,” Lehmberg said.

James Madison College associate professor Benjamin Kleinerman said voting is important, especially for millennials.

“Young people have never voted as much — older people have always voted more regularly,” Kleinerman said. “If millennials turn out more at the voting polls, politics will change.”

Kleinerman said millennial voters on Election Day would impact presidential candidate Bernie Sanders the most.

“Sanders is very well attended by people in the mid-20s and younger,” he said. “He represents the idea of change and that appeals to young people.”

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