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Comedy show Wednesday to benefit children's hospital

February 3, 2015

ASMSU, MSU’s undergraduate student government, is sponsoring a student-organized comedy show on Wednesday to benefit C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor.

Advertising freshman Sam Silverstein is responsible for the inception of the event and has taken the role of lead organizer and lead performer.

Silverstein came up with the idea at MSU's summer orientation with the purpose of directly and positively effecting sick children’s lives. Silverstein had visited the hospital in high school and said he knew it would be the perfect one to donate to.

“C.S. Mott has such a good foundation that I wanted to keep building it up and making it stronger,” Silverstein said. “It’s so hard for kids who cant control what treatment they get, they’re watching their friends play outside while they’re stuck in a hospital room.”

The money raised will not go to research and will instead go to C.S. Mott's Child and Family Services program for things like toys, new technology, music and things that can directly make children’s time at the hospital better.

Silverstein has always been a class clown by his own admission and fell in love with the stage during a high school talent show. He stresses that the comedy show will not be what people are expecting it to be.

“It is not typical, it won’t be people standing telling jokes, it’s an hour long story line with videos and juggling and more, and hopefully you’re inspired by it,” he said.

Silverstein and his crew of loyal organizers have nearly sold out room N130 in the Broad Business College Complex, which holds slightly more than 600 people. The group has already raised about $1600 and plans to raise more than $2000.

ASMSU's goals in sponsoring this event are to "provide an entertaining show for constituents and to help raise money for a great cause," ASMSU Chief of Staff Kiran Samra said. 

ASMSU helped to reserve the auditorium space in Broad Complex as well as print tickets and flyers — ASMSU also provided legitimacy to the event, since it is a well-known group on campus, Silverstein said. 

Silverstein and his fellow organizers are confident that audience members will be entertained by the show and that it will lead to more shows in more cities in Michigan. Their next show is planned to take place in his hometown of Berkley, MI. 

“It’s going to be a sold out show and people are going to be mind-blown — we know what this show is and we know what it’s going to be ... so we’re very confident that people are going to love it,” Silverstein said.

Tickets are being sold in the student services building and cost $3 for students. A limited amount will be sold at the doors, which open at 6pm prior to the shows start at 7pm. 

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