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Ticket transfer policy will be enforced with consequences

August 28, 2014

If a student is caught with someone else’s ID, his or her ID will permanently be confiscated.

Flyers are being handed out at the MSU ID office in the International Center, reminding students of the proper ways to transfer student section tickets, and the student section gates indicate there is a push for ticket transfers this year. On the cards, there are simple instructions on how to properly transfer a ticket to another student’s ID.

With this new form of advertising, Associate Athletics Director Wendy Brown  said she hopes to encourage students to follow the existing student ticket policy with no transfer fee to the student.

“It’s a policy designed to discourage people handing off their IDs because there’s also access to money and to campus buildings on them,” Brown said. “We’ve never encouraged people to hand their ID to someone else.”

A student can transfer a ticket by visiting the official athletics website. Students also can sell their tickets on the athletic department website. The department has a closed StubHub environment where students can sell tickets to one another.

Although there are seemingly easy ways to transfer tickets, students have seen evidence of the rule’s shortcomings.

“I don’t really think the people swiping IDs really care,” human biology junior John Shinners said. “My friend borrowed a girl’s ID and was still let in because it was a small game.”

“Giving someone else your ID seems like [an] under-the-table type of thing. It should be done officially,” chemical engineering sophomore Heidi Stenvig said. “I’d rather be safe than sorry.”

Despite advertising ways to sell or transfer tickets, Stenvig thinks secret transfers will continue.

“I don’t think it will so much catch more people,” Stenvig said. “It will definitely encourage people to stick to the rules. Nobody wants to get yelled at for that.”

The department credits the motivation for the shift to a need for security.

“It’s a Michigan State student section,” Brown said. “We want only Michigan State students in there for security and enjoyment.” 

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