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Living City- The hunted

September 19, 2013

Students discuss their passion about the MSU Assassins Club, which was founded in 2012 by physiology junior Tristan Worthington.

Photo by Khoa Nguyen | The State News

While sitting around at a graduation party, physiology junior Tristan Worthington and his friends decided playing games with Nerf guns sounded fun. What started as a fun party activity has turned into a registered student organization on campus known as the MSU Assassins Club.

Worthington was able to register the club in 2012, but not without some difficulties. Worthington said the organization ran into some speed bumps when it came to using Nerf guns on campus.

“Apparently (the Nerf guns) are not allowed in the dorms,” Worthington said. “So at first, actually, living in the dorms we had a bunch of them in there and we got all of them confiscated. So that made it a bit hard to play for a while.”

The club yields about 15-20 players and conducts matches where two teams play till the other team is out of players. Worthington said the club uses these encounters as a way to practice for Zombie vs. Spartans, which is a mass zombie/ Nerf gun game.

The club’s vision for the growth is not limited to MSU. Tristan has friends who are involved in similar clubs at other schools.

“We have this idea of everyone is gonna start one at their own university and we will have this national federation of assassins clubs,” Worthington said.

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