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MSU student secures finalist position in top TA competition

June 16, 2013

MSU computer science teaching assistant, or TA, Cameron Keif was voted as one of the top three TAs in America by CengageBrain-.

CengageBrain’s Top TA competition allowed college students to recognize the TAs who have made the greatest impact on their education as well as their classmates.

William Punch, professor of computer science and engineering, was one of Keif’s instructors during his TA experience at MSU. Punch said one of the things that makes Cameron such a good TA is his positive attitude.

“He is always ‘up,’ always positive and always smiling,” Punch said. “He is just a genuinely nice guy.”

In addition, Keif said each of the three of the finalists who won the contest will have a $2,500 dollar scholarship to be created in their name-.

“Over the next couple months we are going to be trying to figure out what each scholarship is going to be based on and what criteria do we use to decide who gets it,” Keif said. “It’s really great to be able to have something in my name that is probably going to make a big impact for somebody.”

Eric Torng, professor of computer science and engineering, said he didn’t get to work with Keif firsthand, but has heard great reviews of Keif’s experience as a TA.

“One of the things my fellow colleagues said about Cameron was that he was very energetic, very personal and an outgoing type of person,” Torng said.

Keif, who is a computer science senior, said he tries not to take anything for granted when it comes to assisting his students. Keif said he genuinely cares about his students education and considers it one of the biggest things he offers as a TA.

“Anybody can do an OK job, but I strive to do a great job,” Keif said. “When I come to class I really try to make everyday into a good experience for myself and all the students as well.”

When you teach a class of 300 students, Punch said instructors count on a TA to be their individual helper who can work with the students on a personal basis.

“Cameron is someone I can always count on to be there, to help the students and to get the job done,” Punch said.


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