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Roe featured in local fashion show

October 30, 2011

Civil engineering junior Chad Homuth brought his shopping trip to a halt on Saturday when he heard former MSU basketball player Delvon Roe would be stepping away from the court and making his debut entrance on the runway.

“It’s so cool he’s going out of his comfort zone,” Homuth said. “He (represents) the Spartans well.”

Okemos Modeling and Entertainment Group held a fall fashion show at the Meridian Mall, 1982 W. Grand River Ave., in Okemos, featuring clothes, brands and models from the local community. Models of all ages presented clothing from many stores in the mall, including Old Navy, J.C. Penney and K2 Boutique.

During the show, Roe modeled for Holden-Reid, one of the mall’s only clothing brands that caters to men taller than 6’5”. The theatre major said while performing onstage comes easily, modeling is a whole new field for him.

“This is my first time modeling,” he said. “I can’t compare it to anything. I’m nervous because acting is natural for me.”

MSU basketball players Draymond Green and Derrick Nix said although they aren’t sure Roe wants them in the audience at fashion shows, they support their former teammate’s new modeling career.

“Delvon has a good fashion sense, so I’ll be the first one in the first row to take pictures and laugh at him,” Nix said.

Mechanical engineering junior Stephen Riedy said after Roe made the decision not to participate in this year’s basketball season because of lingering knee pain, he admires Roe’s commitment to staying involved in local events.

“It’s good he’s still doing stuff for the community since he’s not playing (MSU basketball) this year,” he said.

Nadia Sellers, CEO of Okemos Modeling and Entertainment Group and Roe’s acting manager, said although some might believe they have to be in Los Angeles or New York City to see high fashion, her company’s show, as well as Roe’s appearance, was meant to bring attention to the talent in the local community.

“Sometimes the thing with a small town is people don’t take fashion seriously,” she said. “We want to show we have beautiful models and fabulous designers right here.”

MSU alumna Danielle Parlapiano drove five hours from Chicago to support her friend, Kim Aung, who was one of the show’s aspiring models.

“Although I’d fall over in the heels she has on, I like the hat and coat Kim’s wearing,” she said. “Now I’m contemplating stopping by Old Navy after the show.”

Parlapiano said she wouldn’t be the only one hitting the stores after the presentation.

“There’s a lot of parents coming out to watch the show,” she said. “While school shopping is over, Christmas shopping is around the corner, and people get ideas from shows like these.”

Although it was his debut performance, Roe’s modeling on the runway in a cable-knit sweater might have been enough to give shoppers ideas of what they’d like under their trees this holiday season. Sellers said she persuaded him to do the show, knowing he would be a hit with the community.

“Delvon is the next Bo Jackson — he does everything,” Sellers said. “He’s a star baseball player, star basketball player, star actor and now we found out he can model too.”

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