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Dairy Store debuts corny ice cream

October 24, 2011

MSU students sample the newest ice cream added to the Big Ten flavors, Nebraska, at the MSU Dairy Store.

Photo by Brooks Laimbeer | The State News

The University of Nebraska’s addition to the Big Ten has had many effects on MSU— there’s a new flag on Spartan Stadium, a new athletic rival and now a new ice cream flavor at the Dairy Store.

Husker’s Sweet Corn, the latest conference-themed ice cream flavor made its debut in the store last Friday and joins the likes of Buckeye Blitz, Badger Cherry Cheesecake and Purdue Tracks as some of the other Big Ten schools immortalized in ice cream lore.

“We try to have a theme for each of the (Big Ten) teams,” MSU Dairy Plant Manager John Engstrom said.

The store put out the flavor last week ahead of the previously scheduled debut this week to coincide with Saturday’s football game against Nebraska, he said. When Nebraska began competing in the conference this year, the need for its own flavor became apparent, and many employees joked about the idea of doing a corn-flavored ice cream, Engstrom said.

“Then we thought about it and said, ‘Let’s try it,’” he said. “We tried several different samples, and now we have a finished product.”

Engstrom said he understands ice cream flavored like corn might not sound appealing to all patrons, but it was worth a shot to get people talking, he said. The flavor turned out well and people who like corn on the cob will enjoy it, as it is made with fresh sweet corn, he said.

Zoology senior and Dairy Store employee Miranda Lawson said the new flavor has drawn a lot of interest from customers.

Miranda’s sister, Robin Lawson, was skeptical that the new flavor would catch on with customers.
“I think that it’s going to kind of shy people away because of the fact that it’s corn (flavored),” said applied engineering sciences sophomore Robin Lawson.

Miranda Lawson surprised her sister last week by having her try some of the new ice cream without telling her what flavor it was. Robin Lawson said she was willing to try it because she always likes the Dairy Store’s products.

“I typically like my chocolate stuff, so personally it’s probably not something I will buy regularly, but a little bit here and there is definitely good,” Robin Lawson said.


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