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Homemade costume ideas make Halloween easier, budget-friendly

October 27, 2010

Civil engineering sophomore Marc Cunanan poses in a Google Talk-themed Halloween costume. Cunanan’s costume is a low budget, laugh out loud idea for students with limited cash.

Photo by Sam Mikalonis | The State News

Halloween can sneak up quickly when you’re a full-time student with a full plate on your hands. If you’re officially in panic mode when it comes to thinking of creative, funny and cheap costume ideas, don’t stress out — there’s still hope for you to be the hit of the party without breaking the bank.

1. CEO of BP

You probably won’t be winning any popularity contests dressed as the CEO of BP, but you will be sporting one of the night’s most unique costumes. Grab the snazziest expendable suit and tie you can and slap some black paint (implying oil-gone-wild) all over your outfit. Top off your ensemble with crazy hair and use makeup to make your face look bruised and battered — as if a Gulf of Mexico sea creature just got ahold of you.

2. Old Spice Guy

For any male looking for simplicity this Halloween, you can’t get any easier — or funnier — than the Old Spice commercial guy. Grab a towel, ditch the shirt and trot around East Lansing with an Old Spice Body Wash bottle in hand. But remember — you’ll definitely want to wear shorts, just in case a wardrobe malfunction comes your way as you’re crossing Grand River Avenue.

3. Jersey Shore cast member

You probably won’t be the only Snooki or Mike “The Situation” strutting around town, but who can resist rocking the fakest orange tan imaginable and talking in that incredibly obnoxious (but highly addicting) fake Jersey accent? Gentlemen, style your ’do with the thickest hair gel you can find. Ladies, break out the five-inch stilettos and don’t go easy on the eye shadow. You’ll finally be able to pump your fists and be brutally unapologetic without feeling guilty about it.

4. Hipster

Grab a pair of skinny jeans and thick, black-rimmed glasses and embrace the movement turned stereotype that is “The Hipster” this Halloween. The idea of dressing “like a hipster” can be taken several directions, but a hand-me-down, so-tacky-it’s-tasteful flannel shirt is a must. Roam East Lansing with a travel coffee mug and vintage book about philosophy. Feel free to hum Passion Pit as you go.

5. Google Chat

As if college students aren’t already consumed in a world of LOL’s and OMG’s, you can be the walking epitome of social networking this Halloween by personifying Google Chat. Write all the online conversational sayings and acronyms on colored printing or construction paper and completely cover yourself with your work. You might not be the most sophisticated piece of work on Halloween, but you’ll definitely be the most original.

6. “Glee” Cast Members

If you’re aboard the “Glee” bandwagon, what better costume duo than Will Schuester and pitted rival Sue Sylvester? The made-for-TV enemies can be a perfectly simple yet hysterical pair for you and a friend or a special someone. To pull off America’s favorite glee club instructor, rock a tweed vest, white button down and dorky-but-cute striped tie. If you’re more into playing the role of villain cheerleading coach, a tracksuit and megaphone will suffice.

7. Leaf blower

A simple, two-minute trip to your front lawn is all it takes to pull off a one-of-a-kind costume that’ll leave your friends roaring with laughter. Wear a white T-shirt and jeans and glue leaves all over your outfit. Wear a (preferably camouflage) hat with a bill and hang a large leaf from the tip using string so you can simply blow and bring your costume to life.

8. Dexter

Probably the most beloved serial killer in history, Dexter oozes eeriness, hilarity and mystery on Showtime’s hit show. What more can you ask for in a Halloween costume? Grab a button-down shirt and dress pants, and spice up your attire with splattered fake blood and a pretend cut or two. Don’t forget a plastic knife to prove to your friends you mean business.

9. “Avatar”

The highest-grossing film of all time can’t go unnoticed this Halloween. With just some blue face paint, you can transform yourself into one of the magical creatures of Pandora. Find cheap jewels to design interesting patterns on your skin, accompanied with fluorescent-colored tribal markings, and become truly unrecognizable with a pair of green contacts and dreadlocks.

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