Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Robbie Couch

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E.L. summer entertainment to include jazz festival, musicals

For students like Graham Lundeen who live in East Lansing during the summer, the lack of students in town might imply a lack of entertainment options. But for Lundeen, who is planning on purchasing tickets to see “CHICAGO” again when it visits Wharton Center in May, summer in East Lansing is not a dull time for entertainment.

Meagan Choi ·

Library provides obscure study spots, resources for finals

Stress is in the air. And whether it’s a massive final paper to write, a 200-point exam to conquer or an achingly long presentation to give, finals week likely is the culprit. Of the countless coffee shops and lounges on campus, one well-known study hot spot for dedicated and Facebook-addicted students alike is the Main Library.

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