Monday, May 27, 2024

New art museum a 'monstrosity'

It seems that the public weighed in heavily on the proposed changes to the iconic Spartans logo. I didn’t really dislike it as many did, but the changes were stopped, or so it seems, by the heavy negative comments of MSU alumni and friends.
My real reason for writing is regarding the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum. It seems like this project never quite got the media attention of the MSU alumni as did the Spartans logo change proposal. It’s a shame that it didn’t! Negative comments may have allowed for some much-needed redesign work by Zaha Hadid.

I have, admittedly, only seen the architectural sketches and YouTube video, but these both leave me very disappointed. While architecture, as well as art itself, is very subjective, I cannot make the stretch as to linking this monstrosity to the existing architecture on campus. The design elements make it appear to be falling down. After contemplating it for a while, it suddenly came to me that it looks strangely like one of those oddly angled, corrugated, stainless steel mobile homes from the mid-1950s. I don’t feel it represents the feel of “my” MSU campus from a past, present or future perspective.
And the location seems like a very odd place, given that there is virtually no place in the area for parking.

Could not a bit of better planning allowed the building to be built on the site of the rapidly decaying Morrill Hall instead?
While I realize that my letter is not going to change either the design or location of the museum, I still felt a comment was warranted.

Thomas R. Welsh II,
1974 MSU alumnus

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