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West Village zoning issue tops City Council's agenda

August 25, 2008

The East Lansing City Council will revisit a zoning issue it originally denied regarding part of the West Village development at its work session tonight.

The work session is scheduled for 7 p.m. in Conference Room A of City Hall, 410 Abbot Road.

Zoning is the practice of regulating land and building use within a city.

Contract rezoning allows for the provisions of different zoning codes to be blended into one code, said Ted Staton, East Lansing city manager.

The City Council denied a proposal for contract rezoning the 0.55 acres of land at the corner of Grand River Avenue and Delta Street 3-1 at its July 15 meeting.

It subsequently requested the subject be revisited at its Aug. 6 meeting.

Contract rezoning the land would allow the construction of an 88-room Residence Inn hotel.

One of the concerns the council had was whether the use of the building would have flexibility in the future under contract rezoning, Councilmember Nathan Triplett said.

“This is the city’s first proposal for contract rezoning, and there were some outstanding questions about how (it) fits in with … the normal planning process,” he said.

Contract rezoning only has been a feature in Michigan’s law for the past three years, Staton said. The reason for contract rezoning this land would be to allow the building to have five stories, he said.

“The zone the land is in now would allow a building as high as the one proposed, but only allows four stories,” he said.

At tonight’s meeting, the council will hear more about contract rezoning, how it would affect the city and what the benefits would be, said Darcy Schmitt, East Lansing’s planning and zoning administrator.

“I think council will also consider whether or not, in all of its zoning codes, they should eliminate the limitation on the number of stories and stick to limitations in feet,” Staton said.

The council also will discuss rezoning several properties along Michigan Avenue, Elm Avenue and Louis Street to a university-oriented multiple family residential district.


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