Monday, February 6, 2023

Senate votes to move up presidential primary

August 27, 2007

Michigan senators want the state to be on the political forefront when national primary season kicks off in 2008.

The Republican-led senate voted to move the primary date from Feb. 26 to Jan. 15.

The bill, passed Wednesday, aims to make Michigan the second state to hold a primary.

“This gives Michigan more relevance in the presidential race,” said Veronica LaDuke, communication director for Sen. Michelle McManus, R-Lake Leelanau, who was one of the bill’s sponsors.

LaDuke said voters won’t have to declare a party affiliation before the vote, which is currently required, but voters would only be able to vote on one party’s ballot.

“(The change) has the potential to draw approximately two million voters,” she said.

State Senate Democrats are opposed to the legislation because it would violate the Democratic National Convention, or DNC, rules. The DNC allows four states to hold their elections before Feb. 5, also known as “Super Duper Tuesday,” and Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina already fill those roles, LaDuke said.

“We did not support and have opposed that Senate bill that passed because it does not comply with DNC rules,” said Jason Moon, communications director for the Michigan Democratic Party.
The Republican National Convention, or RNC, has different rules, which allow the GOP to easily change primary dates.

The proposed primary date is causing problems for Michigan Democrats who received a warning Saturday after Florida attempted to leapfrog its primary to Jan. 29.

The DNC warned Florida that it will risk losing 210 delegates at the party

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