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Cher takes over Palace, proves age doesnt matter

June 17, 2002
Singer and actress Cher performed at the Palace of Auburn Hills after being opened for by Cindi Lauper Saturday night. —

Auburn Hills -Once an artist reaches diva status, nothing, not time or an ever-changing industry can stop her. And once again, Cher proved to be a true diva Saturday night when the multitalented singer and actress performed in front of a packed Palace of Auburn Hills crowd.

Wearing an Egyptian sequence outfit with a blond wig, the diva was lowered from the ceiling to her screaming fans. Cher kicked off the show with U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.”

“I always open with this song because it describes me the best,” Cher said to the audience. “Tonight’s show is going to have a little bit of everything for everyone.”

Cher, who began her career in 1963, greeted her fans in Detroit as if they were old friends getting reacquainted. As she talked about a previous show in Detroit, it was clear performing for her fans is Cher’s first and true love.

The woman of many hair colors and designer duds soaked up the warm welcome from all those who came to see her.

“When I was little I loved the circus,” she said. “So tonight, we’ve even got animals in the show and not just the ones in the band.”

With the introductions finished, the lights dimmed and the 56-year-old officially kicked off a night of wild entertainment. And wild it was, as a robotic elephant gracefully took the stage.

Draped in colorful Middle Eastern clothing, Cher rode the elephant singing “All or Nothing,” from 1998’s album, “Believe.”

The song has come to symbolize Cher’s life. She’s battled high profile marriages, her only daughter coming out to a national audience and the death of her former mentor and husband, Sonny Bono.

But through it all, Cher has risen to become a pillar of strength for all women.

Throughout her performance, skits of past television performances with Elton John, Tina Turner, The Jacksons, Bono and many more flashed on the big screen above the show.

Romeo resident Mary Beth Sorensen said Cher’s concert was history in the making.

“I brought my son Shane (16) with me to see the show,” Sorensen said. “I know it’s not a heavy metal artist, but this is an artist who has been performing for three decades.”

Three decades of performing hasn’t taken much of a toll on Cher, as she still looks like a 20-something college rocker.

Advertising senior Renee Dobson said she came with her parents to see the show.

“I’m really impressed with her performance,” Dobson said. “I don’t know what I was expecting but it was definitely worth it.”

As with any great performer, Cher never failed to capture the audience in the moment.

Fans filled the aisles with dancing and stood in their seats as Cher’s voice reigned across the Palace.

Despite all the circus shenanigans, Cher remained the main attraction. She put forth everything she had into the performance, and commanded the attention of everyone.

All told, Cher performed 19 of her own songs, with eight interludes from her acting career.

The show ended with Cher in the black outfit made famous in her 1989 video “If I Could Turn Back Time.” She performed the classic and “Believe” to close the show.


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