Thursday, February 9, 2023

VOX using voices to increase awareness

September 4, 2001

A new student group, VOX, which is Latin for “voices,” is planning to educate students about reproductive health.

“We hope to spread awareness and to get people politically active,” said Kathryn Paquette, co-director of the group.

Planned Parenthood acts as a parent organization for VOX by supporting them financially and approving their ideas.

The organization’s mission is to provide health care services, encourage public policies that aid these services, provide educational programs and promote research in reproductive health.

Paquette, a psychology senior, said VOX is similar to Planned Parenthood, but it is geared toward educating students about reproductive freedom in health and to spread awareness through peer advocacy groups and fliers.

“Our first objective is to get sororities to do birth control options, reproductive health and emergency contraception,” she said.

The group consists of five students, an affiliate from Planned Parenthood and a faculty adviser.

In the spring, the group will be holding a question and answer seminar featuring a panel of people who are knowledgeable about women’s health and reproductive rights.

Paquette said the group is open to anyone who would like to participate.

“It’s not just a women’s group,” she said. “It’s for anyone concerned about reproductive health.”

General management freshman Jeffrey Butler said he thinks the group is a good idea.

“I think it’s important, and it’s a good idea in a college environment,” he said.

The group holds meetings at 7:30 p.m. every other Thursday in 224 Erickson Hall. Anyone is welcome to attend.


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