Thursday, February 2, 2023

Camille Spencer

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MIDDAY UPDATE: McPherson delivers State of University address

Addressing the MSU community in his 10th State of the University address, MSU President M. Peter McPherson urged students to continue to make progress academically and for the university to increase diversity in the classroom.“The preparation of entering classes had steadily improved, and this year’s freshman class has the highest academic profile in the university’s history,” McPherson said.


U reels from GEU strike

Horns were blowing and voices were cheering by the time the sun came up Thursday, and the wind carried the chants of about 500 graduate students across campus throughout the day. And although Christy Rentmeester spent Thursday moving from building to building to picket for her cause, the philosophy graduate student didn’t look worn-out.


Study: U.S. unwilling to relinquish civil liberties

Although 84 percent of Americans are concerned about a future terrorist attack on the United States, most of them are unwilling to surrender civil liberties in exchange for more security, an MSU study released Monday said. The nationwide survey, which was sponsored by the National Science Foundation and conducted by two MSU professors of political science, asked people about issues such as racial profiling, warrantless searches of suspected terrorists and the possibility of a national ID card. The telephone survey, which asked nine questions, was conducted between November and January for 1,448 people.


Store removes controversial shirts

Customers shopping at Abercrombie & Fitch clothing stores last week saw smiling men with slanted eyes positioned next to slogans such as “Wok-N-Bowl - Let the Good Times Roll - Chinese Food & Bowling” and “Wong Brothers Laundry Service - Two Wongs Can Make It White.”The New Albany, Ohio-based company distributed four T-shirt designs related to Asian culture for $24.50 to cater to young Asian Americans.