Thursday, December 2, 2021

Hockey deserves recognition too

I am writing in response to Michonne Omo’s column, “Frozen Four is as important as Final Four,” (SN 3/27) regarding the lack of hockey team coverage.

I, too, am a big hockey fan and am disappointed with the support for “ MSU’s other Final Four team.”

Reading Omo’s column, I was glad to see someone trying to give the hockey team the recognition they deserve. I agree Ryan Miller has given the team a spotlight with his achievements, but it takes a whole team to come as far as they have.

I could not wait to see the headlines in the papers on Monday morning showing two teams from our university making it to the Frozen and Final Four. However, I was disappointed to see little emphasis on hockey as compared with basketball.

This is my voice telling Omo and the other students that there are other teams besides basketball making great strides to win the national championship. For this, hockey should also be praised.

Omo, thank you for not only acknowledging hockey, but admittedly supporting it.

Ashley Menig
communications freshman


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