Thursday, May 13, 2021

Greens remain loyal to beliefs

This is for several different kinds of people and kinds of voters, I should say.

To the people who voted for Texas Gov. George W. Bush because that’s where their values are: God bless you. Vote the way you really want to vote. That is America.

To the people who call themselves liberals, but voted for Vice President Al Gore, I hereby accuse you of fraud, and a more grievous, but unfortunately unpunishable offense of cowardice. Cowards like yourselves ruin not only elections, but the entire political climate of the country. You are fraudulent in that you claim Gore is a liberal candidate and that the Democratic party is a liberal party. If you have somehow kidded yourself into thinking that they are, I feel sorry for you. But, if you voted for Gore because you actually like him, hooray for you. Again, that is America.

But for those who allowed themselves to cast a vote for Gore after being persuaded by various monsters that “a vote for Nader is a vote for Bush,” you are guilty, guilty, guilty. This is indeed criminal. Not only are you not voting for who you really want to vote for, but you buy into propaganda set up by the likes of Gore and his media and advertising cronies. You submitted to a fierce form of coercion worse than any kind that occurred in the South just decades ago, or in the North at the beginning of the century.

My only advice to you is to find some courage and find some self-respect. And be reminded that if Bush wins, it will only be four years at the most, providing he is not removed from office. We all know he would make a hash of things, but don’t shirk off your guilt onto the Naderites who truly are voting for what they believe in. A vote for Ralph Nader is a vote for Nader. By God, swallow your fear of losing one election. There are more important things, such as achieving an actual two-party state, rather than a two-party coalition - a two-party monopoly, actually. I suggest we all stop acting like barbarous Philistines and more like democratic Americans.

Jason Stys
1999 alumnus


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