Thursday, May 13, 2021

Christianity can help gays heal

Many of us have seen that the Christian response to homosexuality has often been one of anger, hatred and condemnation. I believe this response is not good, nor does it represent an accurate response Jesus would demonstrate toward someone who struggles with homosexuality.

About a year ago, a friend of mine, whom I consider to be a spiritual leader, expressed he was struggling with the issue of same-gender attraction. Same-gender attraction is when one person is attracted to a person of the same sex. I have great respect for him, and since he shared about his experiences, my respect for him has grown.

The reason I respect my friend so much is that he did not give up and act in such a way that compromised what God has told him is right, but rather, he saw his need to change and he pursued a course of action to deal with these struggles. He has had to deal with some serious issues in his life, especially issues surrounding his relationship with his father. He still is in this process and it has taken time and patience, but he is seeing considerable change in his life. He is even now in a healthy dating relationship with a woman.

It is truly amazing to see the change in my friend’s life. He has been able to deal with these issues because other Christian men accept and love him, while not compromising truth. Had my friend been condemned and simply dismissed by the Christian community, he probably would not have experienced the healing that has occurred in his life. Rather, as he has experienced love and grace from other Christian men, they have together seen change in their lives in the respective areas they struggle with. It is incredible to know that change is possible in all of our lives.

Nathan Germay
philosophy senior


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