Thursday, November 26, 2020

Black event lacks campus diversity

Recently I was offended by a flier that was hanging on the kiosk in the Union. The kiosk is right in front of the building’s post office.

I was waiting in line Monday to purchase a stamp to send something overseas. I glanced over to the kiosk and I saw a flier advertising for “Mr. Black MSU.” As soon as I saw that I was extremely offended and I voiced my opinion about the flier to the assistant manager of the Union. I thought this institution was all about diversity and unity - this university praises itself on how diverse it is. A contest like that should not even be taking place. I have a feeling if there was a flier advertising for “Mr. White MSU,” the minority groups would find it offensive and probably take action to stop the event from taking place. Don’t you think that a contest like this is taking a step back in the fight to end racism? And yes, “Mr. Black MSU” is racist, just not the way we are used to seeing racism.

It’s racist to all other racial groups that aren’t black. This contest is being presented by the Black Student Alliance. I have strong feelings that this contest is segregation to say the least. Once again, we see the line drawn between whites and blacks, and as long as events like this take place on campus, MSU’s dream of equality in the student body will never exist.

Adam Costello
telecommunication sophomore


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