Saturday, November 28, 2020

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Byrum has best views on issues in U.S. House race

Voters in the 8th Congressional District should choose state Sen. Dianne Byrum, D-Onondaga, over her opponent, state Sen. Mike Rogers, R-Brighton.

Byrum is a resident of Onondaga. She and her husband own and operate two hardware stores. She received her associate’s degree from Lansing Community College and her bachelor’s degree from MSU.

Rogers, the state’s Senate majority floor leader, is a resident of Brighton. He was a special agent in the FBI and has a bachelor’s degree from Adrian College.

While both Byrum and Rogers would work hard, Byrum would go to Washington toting better ideas to resolve U.S. issues.

Byrum is a supporter of the McCain-Feingold legislation sponsored by Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain and Democratic Wisconsin Sen. Russ Feingold, which would ban soft money in political campaigns.

Though Rogers has said he supports enforcing campaign finance laws that already exist, he has not declared support of the McCain-Feingold legislation.

Campaign finance reform would encourage politicians to fight for what they truly believe instead of being under the control of corporations. By removing influence from politics, politicians are more likely to do what’s best for all of the people instead of the minority that supports them financially. The bill would encourage a return to grassroots politics, in which a politician must represent the desires of the people.

Both candidates support placing Social Security dollars in a lockbox, but Rogers supports the privatization of a portion of the money. Rogers plans to save Social Security funds without benefit cuts, age changes or tax increases, which seems mathematically impossible.

The candidates share common ground on several issues. Both Byrum and Rogers disagree with spending the surplus before improving Social Security and Medicare, and both candidates support prescription drug plans for seniors.

Byrum also supports the investment of surplus dollars in Social Security and placing Social Security funds completely off-budget so politicians cannot continue to access them. She also opposes raising the access age. She opposes the privatization of Social Security.

Byrum is also a supporter of common-sense gun control laws, such as requiring trigger locks, without infringing on the rights of those who use guns for sport or hunting. Byrum will support the passage of laws that keep guns out of the hands of criminals and children.

Rogers, however, does not support the passage of new gun control laws, and has said that more gun control laws will not end gun violence.

Byrum also has proved to be a stronger advocate for the environment. Byrum will be a stronger supporter of preservation of the Great Lakes, and has made a commitment to uphold the Clean Air and Clean Water acts.

While both candidates are capable politicians, voters should choose Byrum when casting their vote.


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