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Event teaches U etiquette

October 25, 2000

More than 100 students took a big step in ensuring they wouldn’t get an “E” for dining etiquette Tuesday.

The Office of Supportive Services brought students from all years and majors to “Professional Etiquette and Tableside Manners,” an event to prepare students for meal interviews and meetings they may attend in a professional setting.

The program was held Tuesday at the Brody Complex’s Lafayette Square. It was sponsored in collaboration with Career Services & Placement and University Housing and Food Services.

Patrick Smith, an MSU academic guidance specialist who organized the event, said he was elated with the turnout.

“It shows students are concerned about their careers and their futures,” he said. “And they are going to utilize the resources at hand.”

English freshman Kristen Steger said she’s glad students were provided with an opportunity to master their manners.

“I’m looking to start interviews and I thought it would be a good thing to learn,” she said.

Students watched a presentation outlining the do’s and do nots of appropriate dining skills as each part of their meals was served.

Career Service Coordinator Lenroy Jones and Menu Development Coordinator Sharon Frucci conducted the presentation, which included a video and a short quiz.

“Students were basically shown how to navigate the various elaborate table settings,” Smith said.

“They were also shown which utensils are for what purposes, the function of each type of glass and how to conduct appropriate conversation.”

The presentation also covered some of the detailed matters that are not always considered while dining. The presenters explained how to show the waiter the meal is completed, how to choose easy-to-eat menu items and why diners should keep their shoes on while dining.

Medical technology freshman Brittany Wallingford said she valued the event because of its extended benefits.

“We learned the purpose of etiquette that not only helps us in the business world, but in the general world in personal situations,” she said.

The etiquette workshop was the second part of a workshop series through the Office of Supportive Services focusing on various aspects of career preparation and success.

Upcoming workshops include “Preparing for Finals” on Nov. 15 and “Cure for the Academic Blues” on Jan. 17.


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