Saturday, November 28, 2020

Educators need regular testing

Before Michigan teachers head to the classroom they are tested in a basic skills area and their academic specialty, but for the rest of their careers they never again have to demonstrate even the most basic understanding of their field. This is troubling when we consider that our knowledge base is doubling every five years.

Responsible teachers are likely to stay on top of their fields but a handful of irresponsible teachers are likely to just ride out their career until retirement. This sheer lack of responsibility when it comes to our tax money and our children is completely unacceptable.

Through regular academic teacher testing we would be able to recognize the responsible teachers and identify those teachers that need additional training. The Proposal 1 plan for education reform introduces regular academic teacher testing to the profession, thereby ensuring that our children have the best teachers available.

Jennifer Gabel
political theory and
constitutional democracy senior


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