Thursday, September 24, 2020

Flagpoles should sway at games

I do not understand the new policy in effect at Spartan Stadium this season regarding flagpoles not being allowed at games. I was shocked on Saturday when a stadium official confiscated my collapsible 12-foot flagpole. Why are they trying to control the enthusiasm and pride of the Spartan faithful?

I do not take my flagpole to games to be recognized or for any sort of other gratification. I bought my flagpole to show my pride in the football team at games and to express my love for an elite university. I was respectful with my flag and only brought it out after big plays such as touchdowns, until it was taken from me. I can understand the stadium trying to cut down on some distractions which may deter other fans’ concentration on the game but to prevent a fan from expressing their pride in this simple manner is absurd. The stadium officials should be more thoughtful when they create policies of this sort and should allow such articles as long as they do not hinder any other fan’s enjoyment of the game.

In Florida, at the Citrus Bowl, I was allowed to take in my flag and cheer on the Spartans. Why can’t the Spartan faithful in East Lansing have the same respect for its fans?

Mark Manore
electrical engineering junior


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