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Saturday, August 1, 2015

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Rules of Engagement

Do's and Don'ts for Keenan and Kel

By Keenan Cronyn, Kellie Rowe          Posted: 04/23/12 11:56pm         

Whether they’re buying you chocolates, arranging double-dates with your friends or paying for dates, there are always some things you wish your boyfriend or girlfriend wouldn’t do and others you wish they did more.

What things do you want your sweetheart to do, and what things would you rather they just didn’t do?


One thing that I have always loved is when my boyfriend takes care of me when I’m sick.

I’m always on the go, running across campus trying to get my stories done and sometimes it catches up with me.

When I give him the congested “Babe, I’m sick. Do you have any chicken noodle soup?” phone call, I love when my boyfriend is right there with a myriad of over-the-counters from his medicine cabinet.

Simply put — it’s nice to feel comforted.

But what I don’t like is when he feels like giving his fashion expertise.

For the most part, boys take showers, run a quick hand through their hair, throw on some jeans and a T-shirt and they’re done.

So, what makes them fashion experts? Many girls want their guys to tell them, “Oh, that doesn’t look flattering on you,” or “you might not be able to pull off short hair.”

Excuse me?

If a guy has no idea how to tie a ponytail, has never had to deal with a bikini-line wax and thinks Audrey Hepburn was that chick who slept with JFK, then I don’t want to hear it.

You tell me if I look beautiful, or if I look beautiful. (I know what I said.) If I want a critical opinion about how I look, I’ll ask my mother.

What I do love is when my boyfriend carries things for me. I am a little—and I mean little—girl. I definitely consider myself all about power to the women, but I will never complain if he holds my door open, if he takes the heavy backpack off my shoulders and slings it over his or does anything to make my walk a little easier.

The best part is when he knows he doesn’t have to, but he does all those small, sweet things anyway. It’s considerate, thoughtful and charming.

But another thing I’m not a fan of is being overly lazy. Like I said before, I’m always on the go, but sometimes I still want that wonderful night out.

I’m an easy-going girl – I’d rather be at Leo’s Coney Island than a P.F. Changs, so I’m not asking for much.

All I’m asking is that he doesn’t let the massive piles of homework, exams and papers take over our lives. I still want a reason to put on some nicer clothes and think about something other than the looming responsibilities of getting a college education.

Something I do love is playing middle school.

And by that I mean doing all the things you did when you were littler – passing notes, making CDs for each other and sending goofy pictures of your friends to each other.

I used to have a boyfriend that would leave me notes in the strangest places that I would find at the strangest times.

There is nothing that brightens my day more than opening my planner to find “10:20 – Make time for your boyfriend” scribbled in the corner of the page


Things I like a woman to do for me

A man takes on a big responsibility when dating a lady, especially when you’re on your first few dates.

For those dates it’s usually the dude picking something out, some big event or something to wow his woman. I put a ton of thought into every evening I spend with a woman and when they can do the same it’s amazing.

Some of the best nights I’ve ever had with a woman were having them take me to a concert of a band I love or planning an evening to a great restaurant and a movie she doesn’t even really want to see.

After a few months, I’m probably sick of paying for everything, or at least my wallet might be. That might offend a few people, but I’m not made of money.

I would kill to be able to front everything for my lady, but as a college student I don’t have that kind of dough. That’s why I love when a lady will step in front of me at the counter and slide her money to the cashier.

I think it’s a wonderful gesture and it’s incredibly thoughtful. When it happens you realize your lady knows your right down to your wallet, and thats pretty awesome.

I feel like on every cliché list of what dudes should do for ladies it usually says, “call her, just because.” I’ve done it before, just to talk and catch up when we’ve done nothing but text for the day.

Honestly, I love when a girl will call me just to talk to me and ask me about my day. Going out of her way is key to me and that’s what all three of these have to do with.

I do a lot to care and take care of a lady, and I love when it’s given back to me especially in the form of an out-of-the-blue phone call.

Things I hate a woman to do for me

It has never happened in all honesty, but if it ever did, I wouldn’t have it. I don’t know why but for some reason I view that as a man’s responsibility.

Of course sometimes I might want to put my head on a shoulder or lean into you, the last thing I ever want to do is have you slide behind me and hold me. It makes me feel inadequate, plus that’s my job.

This one is probably more about my ego. As a man I feel like I should always provide for my lady, and honestly I still believe in romance. I think flowers are a really dope gift to a lady because they last for a few days, then you can get her new ones. You arrange them just for her, pick out her favorite flowers and its absolutely classic.

Has a girl ever gotten flowers and said to herself “gross, get these away from me!” No. That being said it’s a strict man to woman gift. The one time I got flowers, I felt like I was taking a back seat. I loved her meaning behind it, but I’d never felt smaller. Generally, I think its a man thing to do.

Being a straight up gentleman is heavily underrated. I think that paying for a lady the first few months you take her out is a gentleman’s thing to do.

Later on in a relationship I love when I girl can chip in and provide, however for the first few dates put your wallet away. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t appreciate the gesture, but I truly don’t when we’re first getting things started.

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