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Sunday, August 30, 2015

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Opinion Blog

How important is success?

By Simon Schuster          Posted: 04/22/13 7:11pm         

Is success the same as happiness? I love to take in the summit, but I dread the climb. Perhaps, in that sense, I’ll find success when I learn to relish the struggle to the top. But is it necessary to constantly search for higher peaks? One thing I know for certain, though, is pretending to reflect about this crap is worse than attempting any self-rumination in the first place.

It’s like the introspective version of the kitschy motivational poster in your high school principal’s office. In all honesty, it’s these sort of egocentric musings that pass as actual ponderance that make me despise the notion of self-reflection altogether. An individual’s opinion of himself is as subjective as it gets, and I find little value in attempting to reflect on one’s trajectory in life so closely.

Instead I find it much more worthwhile to aggressively pursue one’s passion(s) while striving for self-improvement. Certainly reflection is necessary for that, but not on such a superficial level. Success should never be the goal, but merely an unintended side-effect of hard work and dedication. If your work is motivated by the dream of achieving success, what will happen if you actually attain it? Will you seek for even more, like a junkie looking for a bigger high?

Success can be rewarding and it can bring happiness, but success, like all things in life, is fleeting and temporary. Finding joy in your work, however, is something that doesn’t require limits.

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