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Friday, August 28, 2015

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Women's basketball using dog piles to signal charges

By Zach Smith          Posted: 11/13/12 10:06pm         

The vision of dog piles either elicits the idea of a dog relieving themselves on the front lawn or, perhaps, a group of kids piling on top of each other.

For the MSU women’s basketball team, it’s the latter.

Early in the game against Ut Arlington on Sunday afternoon, senior forward Courtney Schiffauer took a charge, and instead of helping her up, many Spartans jumped on the floor on top of her in what junior forward Annalise Pickrel was a new tradition that fans will see throughout the season.

“We decided in the locker room that we were going to make a rule that if somebody takes a charge we were going to dogpile them,” Pickrel said.

She said the procedure originated in practice, and despite the injury bug that has hit the team, it isn’t being opposed by Merchant.

“When someone takes a charge in practice everyone makes a huge deal out of it,” she said. “Coach is on everybody about it. It just is something hype to get in practice and it carries over to the game and it’s just so much fun. I’m sure for some people (it’s not allowed), but for Schiff and Jasmine Hines and Becca, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t care.”

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