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Tuesday, September 30, 2014 | Last updated: 12:13pm

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Blue Angels fly by Spartan Stadium

event took place at msu and Detroit to promote selfridge open house at selfridge international center, and to gather pictures for calendars and photos. 


United States Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron uses the Blue Angels as a presentation of honor and respectability that comes with being in the Marines or Navy.

Jason Cody 

"The feedback we've gotten from the students and the faculty is great. They were all pretty excited,"

By Rachel Brauer          Last updated: 09/26/14 1:02pm          Read more »

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The Take Away:

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Michigan State lands West Virginia guard

One of the nations's best transfers has chosen Michigan State over Purdue and Michigan.

Former West Virginia guard Eron Harris confirmed his decision on Twitter Monday morning.

By Sierra Williams          Last updated: 06/10/14 10:38am          Read more »

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How to handle beach season

The weather is starting to warm up, and that means one thing: it's almost swimsuit season.

If you have a romantic partner there are few things better than going to the beach, both looking great in your swimsuits because you worked out and ate right and all that stuff... unless you're normal, and the six-pack you know has to be there is buried under as much body fat from the weekly McDonalds than inches in snow we got this year.

You want to look good, anf you also want your girlfriend to look good.

By Geoff Preston          Last updated: 04/23/14 11:10am          Read more »

Lighting the Lamp:

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Williams tears ACL for fourth time

MSU athletics announced Tuesday that junior center Madison Williams suffered a tear in the anterior cruciate ligament in her right knee.

By Omari Sankofa II          Last updated: 04/01/14 5:14pm          Read more »

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Winter style

Even though it seems like winter will never end, the official start of spring is within the next couple of weeks.

By April Jones          Last updated: 03/12/14 7:26pm          Read more »

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Winter Olympics draw to a close

The Sochi Olympics Closing Ceremony ended the two-week athletic extravaganza at 11 a.m. on Sunday, with host nation Russia topping the medal charts with 33 medals and the USA in second with 28 — including nine gold medals.

By Emily Jenks          Last updated: 02/23/14 8:52pm          Read more »

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The time I met the president

Last Friday, I wasn’t supposed to meet President Barack Obama. But by chance, I did. In fact, I even took a picture with him.

By Rebecca Ryan          Last updated: 02/10/14 9:22am          Read more »

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Former president speaks at MSU

This Friday, President Barack Obama will come to MSU to sign the farm bill — but he is by no means the first president to visit the banks of the Red Cedar. On the afternoon of May 5, 1995, former President Bill Clinton sent more than 6,000 graduated Spartans into the new world they would soon attempt to conquer. Clinton spoke at that spring’s commencement, encouraging students about their future duties as working professionals, both to themselves and their families. During his speech that day, Clinton said it was up to the current generation to “make your historic choices for America,” according to a previous State News article by staff writer Christine Macdonald. In his speech, Clinton also addressed the Oklahoma City bombing, which at the time had happened just a few weeks before. The tragedy left 168 people dead and damaged more than 300 surrounding buildings. Clinton touched on convicted bomber Timothy McVeigh’s alleged involvement with the Michigan Militia, a right-wing paramilitary group. He said those in the militia have “broader rights here than you would in any other country in the entire world.” That day, Clinton left the students on a high note, telling them they were a part of “the real Michigan.” He joked that he knew who he was “supposed to root for” in the Big Ten conference. This was the third visit MSU received from Clinton throughout the years. He visited campus twice in 1992, once for a debate near Beaumont Tower and again later that year for the Presidential Debate at Wharton Center. At the time, he was the first sitting president to speak at MSU’s commencement in nearly 100 years.

By Katie Adbilla          Last updated: 02/04/14 9:11pm          Read more »