Students struggle to return to campus in severe weather conditions


Michigan’s heavy snowfall has caused intense travel restrictions for students trying to make their way back to MSU.

Flights, trains, buses and car travel have been hampered by severe weather, often leaving people stuck in place for extended periods of time.

For many, plane travel was a hassle. Finance sophomore James Sullivan has been stuck in California after traveling to the Rose Bowl with family.

“Our original flight was canceled and we were told there wouldn’t be any flights available until Monday,” Sullivan said. “We still aren’t sure when we are going to be able to fly back.”

The weather made it nearly impossible for economics junior Mike Fredendall to get back to Michigan, who was traveling back by train from California.

“Freight traffic delayed our first train into Chicago, so we missed our connecting train and had to take a train to Battle Creek,” Fredendall said. “We were supposed to grab a bus from there, but the bus was canceled due to weather.”

Physics junior Adam Zarytsky also experienced train troubles while trying to return to East Lansing.

The engine then kept overheating, Zarytsky said, and he was sure it was having problems because of the cold.

“One of the engines was failing, so we had to be pulled by only one engine,” Zarytsky said.

The heavy snow on the roads has made drives back to East Lansing nearly impossible.

Many flights also have been delayed for students trying to get back into Michigan.

The Capital Region International Airport had six flights canceled and one flight that has been delayed, according to the airport website.

Traveling by bus was also difficult during the storm as road conditions deteriorated.

Although bus stations like Michigan Flyer had no cancellations Monday, Greyhound closed down the Detroit bus station for the day.

Indian Trails also shut down every stop between Bay City and Chicago.

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