ASMSU to create a sportsmanship initiative

MSU’s undergraduate student government ASMSU announced during their general assembly meeting on Thursday the creation of a new sportsmanship initiative.

The main aim of What Would Sparty Do? is to encourage students to connect with “Spartan values” and appreciation for the university.

“It is the impetus for a culture change on campus and engaging more with the reason this university exists,” ASMSU College of Music Representative K.C. Perlberg said, emphasizing that it is meant to promote Spartan values that would add to the on-campus educational experience.

What Would Sparty Do? will have a large on-campus and social media presence, including an online pledge for students, said College of Business representative Gregory Jackson.

The initiative is scheduled to launch on Feb. 13.

The bill allocating $50,000 from the student government’s Special Projects fund for the Spartan Celebration event has been tabled due to scheduling conflicts.

The event, which will celebrate MSU’s Rose Bowl win, has been proposed to be rescheduled for the beginning of the fall semester, said ASMSU Vice President for Special Projects Abbie Newton.

Newton said she hopes it will “teach the freshmen how to celebrate as we begin the new year.”

ASMSU representatives also discussed amendments to the Academic Freedom Report, or AFR, which outlines student rights and responsibilities at MSU.

Jessica Leacher, vice president for governmental affairs and Domonique Clemons, vice president for student funding, proposed to change several aspects of the document in order to better resolve conflicts and change hearings and types of sanctions.

Clemons said the main goal of the change is to give students more of middle ground in reference to sanctions.

The new changes would allow students an option to work out conflicts directly with an administrator, Clemons said.

Leacher said she is confident the student body will be able to utilize the information in the document for their benefit.

The modifications AFR will be voted on by the general assembly on Feb. 7.The original document is accessible in the MSU student handbook online.

The general assembly also passed a bill to allocate $2,000 for the Interfraternity and Panhellenic Councils to attend the Academic Fraternal Leadership Values conference.

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