ASMSU behind 'WTF MSU' campaign, will pay for clean up costs


ASMSU revealed today that it is behind the anonymous “WTF MSU” campaign, which has been intriguing students across campus for the past week.

The campaign, which is scheduled to launch on Tuesday, has been associated with vandalism. ASMSU representatives met with police on Friday and agreed to contribute to the clean-up costs, according to a spokesman.

ASMSU … created a WTF (What To Fix) MSU campaign similar to other universities’ campaigns,” the group said in a statement Friday.

WTF MSU was supposed to be a marketing campaign which would allow students to voice their concerns and help them solve common problems around campus,” said Matt Franks, ASMSU director of public relations.

The statement explained the student government was notified by university officials that their campaign was targeted by vandals, who used actual paint in place of the the chalk paint that ASMSU used.

The campaign has so far gained more than 400 followers on its Twitter page.

The university also released a statement on Friday which said that police started investigating “into possible vandalism” connected with the campaign, as well as concerns about safety on campus.

Franks said that so far, there is no estimate of how much the clean up would cost, adding that ASMSU will be working with Landscape Services to determine this.

In a statement, MSU spokeman Kent Cassella said: “police began an investigation into possible vandalism, as well as into concerns expressed by members of the MSU community about the campaign.”

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