Face time: Jana Sedlacek, Lansing Marathon winner

First place marathon finisher amongst females


How did the weekend go? Well, it probably didn’t go as well as it did for zoology junior Jana Sedlacek, as she took first place in the Lansing Marathon on Sunday, finishing in just more than three hours and nine minutes. What’s even more impressive, however, is that this is the first marathon for the youngest female runner in the field, at 19 years old. The State News caught up to the speedy runner to talk about her gold medal experience.

The State News: What was your training like?

Jana Sedlacek: I was running about 70 miles a week, and my longest stretches were 20 miles (at a time).

TSN: Obviously the Boston tragedy happened a week before the race; did you follow that closely?

JS: I definitely think that everyone in America was following it closely, but I think the running community really came together and bonded over that tragedy.

TSN: Did you know you were the youngest female participant? When did you find out?

JS: I didn’t know that until I looked up the results. I can’t say I’m that surprised — I feel like marathon running isn’t a young person sport. Most of the best marathon runners in the world are late 20s, early 30s.

TSN: At what point did you start getting tired, and what kept you going?

JS: I was feeling really good up until mile 15, and then I started to feel really tired around mile 20.
Some of (my motivation) was all the hard work (I put into training), and I wanted to execute on race day. Also, my boyfriend, dad and roommates were on bikes behind me cheering me on (at) at least five places (around the course), and that kept me motivated.

TSN: First thoughts while crossing the finish line?

JS: I don’t think I was thinking anything. First thing I did was collapse.

TSN: So, what is next for you as far as marathons go?

JS: I’m not sure, I would love to improve my time, and I am deciding if I want to do (the Detroit Free Press/Talmar Bank Marathon) in the fall and qualified for (the Boston marathon) in the spring, and I’m still deciding if I want to do those.

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