MSU alumnus-made ad hits Super Bowl


Even though the Super Bowl is over, the commercials still are making a buzz among fans and advertisement companies.

MSU alumnus Nate Daniels worked on a Doritos commercial, called “Fashionista Daddy,” with director Mark Freiburger to win Doritos’ annual “Crash the Super Bowl” competition. Daniels and the other finalists did not know who won the competition until the commercial aired live during the Super Bowl.

“All the groups were in a suite watching the screen, and I was crazy nervous when sitting with the other finalists,” Daniels said. “I was hoping all day, and I had a sense that we had a chance to win, but we never truly knew.”

While they did not win the Facebook vote to secure them airtime against four other finalists, Doritos executives from the competition chose Daniels’ commercial for millions of viewers to see.

“When I found out we won, I grabbed Mark and spilled my bag of Doritos all over him,” Daniels said.

Students who watched the Doritos commercial, such as communication freshman Kelsey Anderson, said they enjoyed the commercial because it was something they could relate to.

“It’s kind of a proud moment to know that someone who went to MSU had a part of it,” Anderson said. “I have a good relationship with my dad so it was cool to see a daddy-daughter commercial.”

Freiburger said he was overjoyed when he saw the first frame of the commercial, but also said he felt bad for his competitors.

“Seeing the commercial for the first time was a mixed bag of emotions,” Freiburger said. “There was a lot of joy and relief, but there was sadness because the other finalists in the room lost.”

Doritos was offering a cash prize to any of their ads that placed in the top three of the USA Today Ad Meter, but Daniel’s commercial ended up in fourth place, one place shy of winning a cash reward.

“We worked so hard on this commercial, so not winning the USA Today contest was kind of a bummer,” Daniels said. “I know I’ll get over it, I am just excited to have my work seen and enjoyed by 100 million people.”

With the success from the “Fashionista Daddy” commercial, both Daniels and Freiburger said they are open to working on another Super Bowl commercial.

“I am certainly open to making more commercials for the Super Bowl and even working with other companies,” Daniels said.

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