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During the past century, MSU has built a good reputation in Michigan and around the United States. Now, it seems, the institution has become successful in providing MSU with a strong reputation around the globe.

Last year, the international student population at MSU rose 8 percent to a record 6,209. Although international students are traveling to study in the U.S. at greater numbers, increasing at a rate of 6 percent last year, MSU showed stronger numbers than the national average and placed ninth in the nation for total international student enrollment, at fourth in the Big Ten.

China sends the most students to the U.S. to study, but other countries such as South Korea and Saudi Arabia still send a significant number of students.

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And for the eighth year in a row, MSU sent more students to study abroad than any other public institution, taking second overall to New York University.

Having a growing international student and study abroad population is beneficial to both the university and its students.

When international students are able to travel to the U.S., they gain new perspectives and have the opportunity to experience the culture of American students. And if their experience is positive, it can help give MSU, and the U.S., a favorable reputation abroad, as these international students travel home and tell their families and friends the positive experience they had here.

It also helps diversify MSU’s student body, allowing students born in the U.S. to meet students from around the world and broaden their perspective on different issues and cultures. MSU should continue to gain more international students and increase not only their numbers on campus, but the percentage of our student body that is made up by this population.

Plus, these students are paying a higher tuition at MSU, which helps increase the university’s funding.

But noninternational students also are benefiting from MSU’s commitment to a positive global reputation. The university’s strong study abroad programs help students gain the same opportunities as students who travel to MSU to study. These students who choose to study abroad experience different cultures and learn valuable, real-world lessons. The school’s study abroad opportunities also help strengthen students’ résumés.

Employers appreciate a student’s effort to study and, in some cases, work for companies abroad. It shows that students are outgoing and willing to try new experiences.

As the university moves forward, it should continue to build its reputation across the world. As we become increasingly interconnected, most graduates will either have to travel internationally for their careers or work with people from other countries. Providing students with the opportunity to travel abroad, as well as bringing those from abroad to MSU, makes our student body more cosmopolitan and shows our dedication to diversity.

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