Channel the perfect style for the holidays


If you’re anything like my family, celebrating Thanksgiving doesn’t mean anything too elaborate. Ever since I can remember, turkey day meant bottomless cocktail shrimp and a movie marathon — with breaks to watch football, of course. If your Thanksgiving plans involve a more traditional celebration, your preparation might involve more than throwing on an old sweatshirt, the annual practice in my household.

Whether you’re celebrating your Thanksgiving with extended relatives or with your significant other’s large family, attire is an important aspect of the day. It’s the perfect opportunity to prove to your grandparents that you’re a successful young adult, or to show your partner’s mom you’re up to snuff with the rest of the family. Whatever the case, figuring out what to wear can be more stressful than necessary.

If you’re from a big family, there’s a chance you don’t get to see all your relatives too often. Thanksgiving is the time to gather and catch up, and, all too often­, to gossip. Don’t subject yourself to any undesirable attention. Show your family you’ve grown into a sophisticated intellectual by dressing with all the class of a true collegiate.

For ladies, a skirt or dress is preferable­ as long as it’s appropriate for grandma. Typically, this means knee-length skirts and scoop neck shirts. Bodycon styles are a current trend, but Thanksgiving isn’t the best time to accentuate your curves. A better option might be a high-low dress or skirt with a loose sweater and T-shirt.

If you’re feeling confident, try out a patterned dress and some nude pumps. Bank account permitting, Thanksgiving might be the opportunity you’ve been looking for to invest in fun tights and a modest, yet flattering sweater dress.

Gossip Girl menace Blair Waldorf might not be the example in excellence you’re aiming for, but when it comes to accessories, she’s got the right idea. Pulling back curled or straightened hair with a headband will be sure to give you the head-turning sweetness you need.

For guys, listen to your mom and put down the baggy jeans and flannel. Khakis might not be your first choice, but they are the perfect option for family gatherings. Try them along with a plaid button-up or a sweater and you’ll fit the image of success college has created out of you.

Although there’s a good chance you’ll be lounging on the couch all afternoon recovering from a self-induced tryptophan coma, don’t forget the saying, “A happy wife is a happy life” — the same can be said about moms. Before you begin your commute back home, pack the dress shoes your mom got for you; she’ll be ecstatic to see them being put to use.

Dressing up might seem unnecessary, but you’ll appreciate it 20 years from now while looking back at pictures from the good old days. Once your family notices how well you clean up and arranges a blind date with the son or daughter of a family friend, the perks will be insurmountable. If the idea of being dressed up for an entire day is too overwhelming, at least dress nicely and pack your comfy clothes. Your family will appreciate your effort, and you’ll eventually get to relax in front of the television.**

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