Students brave chilly weather for Izzone campout

There’s a saying that anything good is worth waiting for; at least according to the nearly 1,800 individuals who woke up at Munn Field this morning.

Friday marked the 17th annual Izzone Campout, an event held each year to get students ready for the upcoming basketball season and, for upperclassmen, secure a spot in the notorious cheering section; the Izzone.

Although weather conditions aren’t always ideal during the 24-hour excursion, many students, like, mechanical engineering senior, Kathleen Fitzsimmons, consider it more to be a labor-of-love for the team.

“It’s my third time camping out, and it’s just a really good time,” Fitzsimmons said. “There are always a lot of really cool events going on and it gets me really pumped for the basketball season.”

Events throughout the day were hosted by MSU’s Student Alumni Foundation, or SAF, and included a basketball shooting contest and DJ. However, the event didn’t reach it’s peak until nightfall, when men’s basketball head coach Tom Izzo and members of the basketball team came out to address and thank the crowd.

Despite being a fun event for students, according to Nicole Lycos, brand manager for Live-On at MSU, it’s also a great chance for members of the administration and athletics department to interact with their supporters.

“I think it’s a good way to get us all together,” she said. “It’s a really fun event.”

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