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Sunday, April 26, 2015 | Last updated: 12:20pm

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Nothing but net: 72-year-old MSU alumnus challenges all

Kennedy Thatch

East Lansing resident and 1965 MSU alumnus James E. Cummings Jr. plays mechanical engineering freshman Kevin Schuett in a game of HORSE April 22, 2015, at IM West in the gym where he had a heart attack three and a half years ago. Cummings comes to the gym nearly every day to practice his shot and play HORSE with "young spartans." Kennedy Thatch/The State News

Nothing but net: 72-year-old MSU alumnus challenges all

James E. Cummings Jr. is a familiar face for anyone who frequents the IM Sports-West courts.

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Things to watch for in the spring game

With the MSU football spring game this Saturday there will be several themes and players to watch ...

Tailgating: Green and White Spring Game 4/25/15