Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Stephanie Goldberg

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Celebrating holidays shouldn't include dieting

For many students, writing “I am thankful for … “ poems and drawing turkeys using hands as stencils are no longer prominent Thanksgiving traditions. Instead, students associate a smorgasbord atop a dinner table with the holiday, causing focus to shift from Pilgrims and American Indians to weight.


How to: Excercise correctly

Certified personal trainers Alicia Taylor and Nima Torabi agree resistance workouts, which build muscle, are the best workouts for people looking to boost metabolism. Although there are many resistance workouts to choose from, it is important not to get too comfortable in one routine as it eventually will stop working, Taylor said.


Mold your metabolism

Jacqueline Magdaleno measures her health by eating a variety of foods, exercising and staying hydrated. For the social relations and policy sophomore, metabolism is just another word in the dictionary, but for Nima Torabi, a certified personal trainer at Fitness 19, 4299 Orchard Lake Rd, in West Bloomfield., it’s much more.