Sunday, October 17, 2021

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Meridian Township experiences rise in housing permits

The Charter Township of Meridian has reported a growth trend in the number of construction requests for single family residences. Associate Planner in the Department of Community Planning and Development at the Charter Township of Meridian, Peter Menser said the area has seen growing numbers in construction since the end of last year.


A fresh foundation

For genomics and molecular genetics senior Zachary DeRade and his partner, MSU alumnus Justin Love, one of the major factors of coming to MSU was the chance to be a part of a larger, more diverse area accepting of their homosexuality — a chance to find a home.


Lansing area boasts premier fishing resources

With a few warm and sunny days in Lansing, one way to take advantage of the heat is to go fishing. Lansing provides bountiful of opportunities to fish, and the changing fish species through spring and fall only add to the reasons why one should cast a line in the Lansing area. Willis Bennett, director of Ingham County Parks, endorses taking up fishing as an outdoor activity in order to “enjoy the natural surroundings in a relaxed atmosphere.”


MSU students wins 2013 Minority Medical Student Award

For the first time in school history, an MSU student, Sophia Harvey, was presented with the 2013 Minority Medical Student Award by the American Society of Hematology, or ASH. Harvey, a second-year medical student at the College of Human Medicine expressed happiness after being chosen to receive the prestigious award.

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