Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Petra Canan

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Different name is conversation starter, makes person unique

Attendance — the most elementary part of the college class routine. For one, because the format hasn’t changed, and two, because it’s my least favorite part of class. The professor begins with the usual correct-me-if-I’m-wrong speech and then dives into a list of Megans and Brians. I’m usually not looking up.


Co-op living

It is every bit a typical living room. There are broken-in couches and other scattered pieces of furniture. A cat wanders around, investigating newcomers.


Under the wire

Thomas Atkinson moved into his new office in the remodeled Chemistry Building a month ago but will soon be passing it on to someone else in the Department of Chemistry. While you may not know who he is, the impact he has had on MSU can be seen and utilized every day.


Spirit support

No matter what the team record is or how the year is going, MSU Spartans can be counted on to stay true to the green and white. But when the team is losing, the crowd gets tired of cheering or when Spartans just need a little reminder of their alma mater, the men and women of the MSU Cheerleading, Dance Team and Pompon Club are called on to bring the Spartan spirit.

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