Friday, December 2, 2022

Paul Day

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2 new coaches named for '04

One coach out and two new in. That's the story line this fall for the MSU men's and women's cross country teams. For the past 20 years Jim Stintzi has coached the Spartans men's cross country team, while he shored up the duties of being the woman's coach for the past four years.


John L. Smith

It's 5 a.m. and John L. Smith has just hopped out of bed. As usual, Smith has chores to do on his parents' farm in Iona, Idaho.


Stanton leads the battle for 'U' No. 1 quarterback

By now, Jeff Smoker is a day away from departing to St. Louis to pursue a career in the NFL. With Smoker gone, a vacancy has been left in the MSU football team's lineup at quarterback, and three potential starters have submitted their résumés to head coach John L.