Friday, August 12, 2022

Natalie Kolb

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Steamy Habits

Soaking in a 116-degree Japanese hot bath while breathing through an oxygen mask is normal for Hotwater Works Inc. owner and MSU alumnus James McFarland.


The golden touch

After working with jewelry since high school, gold smither and Bath Township resident Tom Awrey knows how to repair or craft just about anything a customer brings to him. “I guess I look at it in terms of Christmases. I have 43 consecutive Christmases on the bench,” said Awrey, who works his own jewelry repair business fixing pieces for stores in the Lansing area.


Animal house

Animal lover Cheryl Connell-Marsh, co-owner of Nottingham Equestrian Center, has opened her heart and her property to a menagerie of creatures.


Making an Impact

Journalism senior Jesse Wiza said she spends a lot of her summer days listening to music in preparation for her show, “Sit Or Spin.”

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