Saturday, May 30, 2020

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Professor's artwork fills exhibit

Toby Ten Eyck is no ordinary professor. Along with teaching his regular classes, Ten Eyck has been an artist in his spare time since 2002. A reception for Ten Eyck’s artwork was held yesterday at MSUglobal’s innovative space at the Nisbet Building. “I wanted to find a creative outlet, so I decided to give painting a try,” Ten Eyck said.


Foosballs fly during competition on campus

When he competed in the Collegiate Foosball Tour on Wednesday, hospitality business junior Emilio Arribas was hoping not only to become the Campus Foosball Champ, but to move on to compete in national foosball tournaments. “I love foosball, and I would have played even if the grand prize was only $10,” Arribas said.


Students give blood for national Red Cross month

Students and community members are celebrating National Preparedness Month with the American Red Cross through blood drives on and near campus in preparation for emergences. The Red Cross is encouraging members of Clinton, Eaton and Ingham counties to donate blood through Oct.


Campus transport sometimes taxing

The four major modes of campus transportation at MSU are biking, busing, walking an driving. As a freshman, their unique pros and cons are instantly noticeable, along with a problem they all have in common. MSU takes pride in being a pedestrian-friendly campus and encouraging its students, faculty and staff, to leave their cars, mopeds and other motorized transportation at home if possible.

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