Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Mason Bailey

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A student's guide to filing taxes

There are only a few things students need to remember to make tax season a success. The State Newsspoke with Aaron Pahl, CPA and senior tax manager at Warmels & Comstock, for information about how to fill out tax forms and what you'll need. 


Experiment started years ago by Dr. Beal continued today

Over 130 years ago, in the fall of 1879, Dr. William James Beal started one of the longest-running experiments in the world, and it’s taking place under the feet of MSU students walking to class across campus. The experiment’s focus was on how long the seeds of different species of weeds can lie dormant underground and still be able to grow when exposed to the proper conditions.


MSU professor brings new type of artificial intelligence to world of video games

An MSU professor has developed a revolutionary new type of artificial intelligence (AI), and he's bringing it to the world of video games for its first real-world application.  Dr. Arend Hintze, assistant professor for integrative biology and computer science and engineering at MSU, has developed a new form of AI that can adapt and learn over time through a process similar to Darwinian evolution.  "All these systems (Watson, Siri) which are these super-great hallmarks of artificial intelligence are really expert systems that have no general purpose intelligence, like a cockroach, for example," Hintze said.