Saturday, December 4, 2021

Mary Sell

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Fire destroys home

Monday started as a good day for Jen Taylor. The theater graduate student finished up some work, sent her roommates off to dress rehearsal for the MSU Theatre Department production of “Hamlet” and fed her professor’s cat. But when she returned from helping out her professor, the smoke billowing out of her house on Sunrise Court changed the tone of the day. “I heard a beeping noise and then I saw the smoke,” she said.


Farm girl can teach U a thing or two about life

There will be a day this fall when you walk outside your residence hall or East Lansing apartment and smell something funny.City kids on campus will wrinkle their noses and wonder, “What is that smell?”Maybe they’ll have a flashback to their suburban elementary school’s field trip to a farm.But the country kids, like myself, will know exactly what we’re smelling.


Students return to E.L. in low spirits

MINNEAPOLIS - It wasn’t the extended weekend that Spartan fans had hoped for, as their dreams of the NCAA Championship repeat were mauled by the Arizona Wildcats in the Final Four semifinal game. Some Spartans packed up early Sunday to leave town, while others stuck around to watch tonight’s title game and shop at the Mall of America in Bloomington. Some were disappointed in MSU’s performance, while others said just to be in the Final Four for the third-consecutive year was good enough. Alan Borman, a public relations senior, said to see three Final Fours in his four years at MSU was more than he could ever have hoped for. “No other student at any other school can say that,” he said. Borman used frequent flier miles to travel to Minneapolis, but he had never planned on staying for tonight’s game even if the Spartans were in it. Instead, he had always planned on returning to MSU for the “atmosphere.” “I was going back to East Lansing no matter what,” he insisted. He estimates he spent about $300 on his weekend in the land of 10,000 lakes.