Saturday, October 23, 2021

Margaret Harding

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Anecdotal 'Glass Castle' mostly depressing tale, produces laughs

"The Glass Castle" tells of a 3-year-old girl who ends up in the hospital after spilling boiling water on herself as she tried to make hot dogs. It tells of children so hungry, they devour sticks of margarine for dinner. It tells of an alcoholic father, and a mother who lives in her own world. And yet, despite the heartbreaking sadness of the novel, it still manages to make you laugh.


Internships come true

Kristen Case will spend her summer laughing along with a live audience as David Letterman tells his signature "Top Ten" jokes. Jackie Collens will travel the same halls of the prestigious hotel the Hilton sisters grew up in. Raphael Rogers can still recall his brush with fame when he worked a red carpet premiere. And Nathan Michels graduated after a semester of rescuing people from canyon cliffs. Internships are quickly becoming the way to secure a job after graduation.

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