Saturday, May 30, 2020

Mallory McKnight

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Students dive into local scuba supply shop

Purchasing books for class at MSU inspires a diverse spectrum of emotions in students. Some feel excited, some feel shocked and even more feel outraged. There is one class on campus, however, where your supplies will not be found on a bookshelf or even an electronics store, but run more along the lines of fins, masks and air tanks.


Stage fighting turns combat into art form

Some people grow up fighting. Whether it’s for sport or just being the smallest kid on the block, some people are born swinging and never stop. John Lennox, a theater instructor at Lansing Community College, was an admitted scrapper growing up, and the first time his high school theater director asked him to throw a punch on stage, he realized he knew just as much about fighting on stage as he did offstage.

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