Friday, May 24, 2024

Laura Collins

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MSU supports Ohio State in suit against former coach

MSU was part of an 18-university group that filed a brief last week supporting Ohio State in its bid to overturn a $2.4 million award to former men's basketball coach Jim O'Brien. O'Brien was fired in 2004 after he admitted giving $6,000 to the mother of a 7-foot-3 Serbian recruit, Aleksander Radojevic. The Ohio Court of Claims ruled earlier this year that although O'Brien committed NCAA violations, the university improperly fired him by not following the terms of his contract. All 10 Big Ten schools other than Ohio State signed the brief, as did the Big Ten, Pacific-10 and Big 12 conferences.


WEB UPDATE: MSU football team loses recruit to Oklahoma

With the flurry of coaching changes for the MSU football team recently, Keith Nichol has decided to play for Oklahoma, instead of MSU. The Lowell high school quarterback grew up following the Spartans and had committed to come to East Lansing before his junior year of high school. On Wednesday, Nichol had his father, Gary, visited Norman, Okla., where they made the decision to leave the Spartans and play for the Sooners. Nichol made the trip after Sooners head coach Bob Stoops and quarterbacks coach Josh Heupel visited Nichol in Lowell prior. Earlier this week Gary Nichol told the State News that with all of the recent coaching changes, it had only fair for his son to reconsider all of his options. John L.


Star recruit likes Dantonio, but is it too late?

When Keith Nichol was offered a football scholarship by former MSU head coach John L. Smith two years ago, he didn't toil over the decision for six months like most recruits — he accepted the offer right away and planned to play for the Spartans in 2007. Since the Lowell High School quarterback's decision, it seems like everything in the MSU football program has changed.


Taste of the City

Tom Izzo has experienced some of the biggest basketball games in college history. But one of his most memorable moments in the last 11 years happened when he took his team to the World Trade Center site in New York City for the 2001 Preseason NIT tournament. "It ranks right up there with some of the most unbelievable things I've ever witnessed," the MSU head coach said Tuesday.