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Album doesn't represent all years

As an 8-year-old in 1990, I was still dumb enough to swallow my chewing gum, but I was certainly smart enough to know which music was hip and which music was so 1989. Hence, it will likely come as a surprise to many when they see several blatantly recognizable omissions on the recent CD compilation "Vh1: I Love the 90s," which is meant to be a precursor to the series of the same name debuting on the music cable channel on July 12.


One-man band comes to Mac's

Sometimes, musicians just have to take the bull by the horns, and Chicago's mellow rocker Bobby Burg is no exception. He's in two acts, the one-man band known as The Love of Everything and a group called Make Believe, and he has another project as well.


Barenaked Ladies to bring rock to Breslin

A little bit of Canada will invade Breslin Center on Feb. 12, as the Barenaked Ladies brings its quirky show back to MSU.BNL is on tour promoting its "Everything to Everyone" album, which hit stores earlier this semester and featured the single "Another Postcard." The group is also coming off its small-venue "Peep Show" tour.Tickets go on sale at the Breslin Center Ticket office at 10 a.m Friday.


Fraternity sponsors breakthrough singer's tour

Pi Kappa Phi has been good to Ryan Cabrera, and now the Dallas-raised musician is giving back to the fraternity, which has supplied him with venues for a nationwide tour.Cabrera brings his pop sound to the Auditorium tonight, and all proceeds will benefit the fraternity's Push America organization, which collects money for people with disabilities.


Hidden Agenda's newest hit-or-miss

In a letter to me, keyboardist Joe Denslow made it clear his band has no hidden agenda with its debut album, "Believe In America." The Lansing-based quartet known as Hidden Agenda has been making music since the '80s, but has finally released its 15-track album, full of mellow melodies that will put most minds at ease or even into contemplation. Hidden Agenda does fall short in some areas, such as showing off its vocal talent as well as it could, but for the low-key music fan, the album should strike a chord.